The Clumsy Neko
Closed rp with theclumsyneko! ( M!A Black and White )


Luciano was currently doing some cooking, mostly because he had nothing to do, and it at least convinced Scuro to stay in the house to eat…. He wanted to keep the dark half away from everyone else as much as possible… God only knows what he would do if he got out… He looked more like their combined persona, ‘Mr. L’ than he did, so he could more easily convince people he was Mr. L. And that would be horrible. He was just beginning to make the plates, when he heard the door bell. Who on Earth would come without being unannounced? A little rude… But, he wouldn’t turn them away. He was going to answer, when he heard another pair of feet run by.

“I got it!” Scuro yells, causing the light half to inwardly panic. 

“No, no, you get back here!” he calls, his pale blue eyes wide.

“Fuck you, I’m already at the door! I win!” the other argues before flinging open the door and blinking at the visitor. “…Kit, right?”

The neko tilted her head a bit to the side as she smiled “Yup! Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve last seen you so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to visit.” She looked slightly away and grasped her necklace “S-sorry for coming a bit unannounced. I’m not interrupting anything am I?”

AU Prompts
Leave me one of the following words and I will write a drabble OR A STARTER about it:
Highschool: Our characters attend a high school together
Royalty: One of our character is royalty and the other a servant (specify)
Pauper: One of our characters is poor, the other is wealthy and takes them in. (specify)
Child: Our characters suddenly find themselves responsible for an infant.
Role: Our characters trade roles in the canon universe.
College: Our characters meet while attending university.
Steampunk: Our characters are in a Steampunk setting.
Evil: One of our characters is working for the opposite side. (specify)
Fantasy: Our characters are in a fantasy setting.
Lifetime: Our characters meet when they are very young.
Reincarnation: Our characters in a previous life.
Espionage: One or both of our characters is a James Bond-esque spy.
Siblings: Our characters now share one or both parents.
Marriage: Our characters are married.
Betrayal: Our characters hate one another.
I Want My Body Back! (open roleplay)


“Oh! The candy cane forest would be fun to explore! But there’s also the race tracks, and the ice cream mountains, and that over there… Gah! I can’t decide!” VanelloMun exclaimed. She was kind of improvising, much like she would when leading her sister around Disney World, but in this case she didn’t know the terrain quite as well. She had some idea of where to go based on seeing the movie her muse was from so many times, but at the same time she was rather clueless about what to even do. There were so many spots and so little time. VanelloMun wanted to pick the most fun place to go and have a grand time with Kit.

“Oh! What about…”

VanelloMun stopped herself. She could have sworn she felt an odd tingling sensation in the back of her mind, like something was trying to get her attention. The trouble was, she had no idea what was trying to get her attention. Inevitably, the mun-turned-muse decided to shrug it off for the time being. If it really was important, whatever it was would try to get her attention again.

“What about… Jeez, this is harder than I thought it’d be. I don’t know where to go.” VanelloMun admitted.


[As for Vanellope, she was just as stumped as the mun. More than that, she was wowed by the world beyond the apartment. So many trees and grass and sounds she was unfamiliar with. Vanellope couldn’t even begin to decide where to go. Her body told her to go to the diner, just to see if it was open, while the rest of her screamed for her to explore. The whole campus was hers to traverse and she was fully intent on covering every square inch of it. The question remained, though. Where was she even meant to start?

“I guess I’m gonna try and go this way.” Vanellope said. She walked down the path she had chosen and headed toward what she hoped would be her ultimate destination. Little did the muse-turned-mun know, though, Kit was quite right. She would be in for a world of trouble if she didn’t start paying attention to what was around her. For the time being, it appeared as though everything was all right. Only time would tell how long things stayed that way.]

Kit chuckled as she continued to follow, looking around the world herself. “Slow down a little dear~! Hmm… I think the closest place would be the candy cane forest. So purrhaps we should go there first?”


[ “Ugh, come on…” Kitmun muttered under her breath. She continued to refresh her inbox 5 more times before finally giving up, slamming her head onto her desk. “Did she leave the apartment?”  Now what was she supposed to do? ]

I Want My Body Back! (open roleplay)


I’ve seen Wreck-it Ralph fourteen times now, and I feel like I know what all there is to know about the universes… But she does have a point. I’ve never actually been inside Sugar Rush before. This is a whole new experience! I have to explore it while I can!

“Okay, that sounds good! I’ve always wanted to see Sugar Rush for myself, and now that I’m in Vanellope’s body I have my chance! This is so exciting!” VanelloMun exclaimed. Her body glitched once more as the excitement built up within her. Apparently, her headcanon regarding Vanellope’s glitching held true even while she occupied her muse’s body. VanelloMun didn’t seem to care, though. She was free to do as she pleased and had Kit as an exploring buddy. As far as she was concerned, it was going to be a great adventure.

“Come on! Let’s see what we can see around here!”

She ran on ahead, glitching and twitching all the while, with every intent to explore every inch of the game until she collapsed from the excitement. VanelloMun didn’t have a particular destination in mind. All she wanted to do was explore her temporary home.


[{{——-New message——-

To: theclumsyneko

Yeah, yeah… Don’t worry so much, okay? C’mon. What’s the worst that could happen?


Vanellope decided not to wait for a response this time. She was growing tired of being cooped up in her mun’s apartment, and with no classes to worry about that particular day she was fully intent on getting out and about while she had a chance. So, Vanellope got up from her mun’s bed, took off the headphones, and closed the laptop. As soon as she slipped on one of her mun’s hoodies and let the lanyard with her keys go around her neck, she picked up her mun’s phone, stuck it in her pocket, and went on her merry way.

Vanellope’s grand aventure was going to start right then and there. Nothing in the world was going to stop her.]

Kit giggled at Vanellomun’s excitement to explore. This was Kit’s first time actually exploring around Sugar Rush too. She would usually only come following a friend to a certain destination, so the neko was pretty excited herself to see more of the large candy filled world. She smiled as she adjusted her messenger bag and quickly followed Vanellomun.


[{{——-New message——-

To: littlelostglitch

Vanellope! A lot of things could happen! >~> You don’t know everything here in this world!

„.I’m sorry it’s just I’m scared something may happen to you. D:

- theclumsyneko }}


The mun sat back in her chair and just nervously tugged on her hair as stared at the screen. She found herself refreshing the page a bit more often once she had finally found that Vanellope is in her mun’s body.. What could she do if something happened to Vanellope anyway? Probably not much. Nothing bad would probably happen…The mun was just quite easily worried. ]

( I regret nothing. )

( I regret nothing. )



1) Give me a pairing.

2) Give me an AU setting.

3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.


Here Kit…
Have your fanart…


Here Kit…

Have your fanart…


I Want My Body Back! (open roleplay)


“Well, usually Vanellope would drag her friends into tree climbing with her. I’ve never climbed trees before, though, so I don’t know how well that’d go over.” VanelloMun said. She recalled a time when she was younger, how she had gone into a park with her little sister and attempted to climb a tree, but beyond that VanelloMun had the same amount of tree climbing skills as a rock. The mun-turned-muse at least knew a thing or two about avoiding the double striped branches. Beyond the knowledge of the double striped branches, though, she had no idea of whether or not she’d be any good at climbing a candy cane tree.

“You got any ideas?”


[Vanellope rolled her eyes. She knew the dangers that came along with being outside of her game, not to mention being in her mun’s body. Muns simply weren’t able to regenerate if anything happened to them.

{{——-New message——- 

To: theclumsyneko

Don’t worry! I got it all under control. The mun left a schedule of her classes on a desk, so all I gotta do is figure out where they are and how to get to them. And I knoooow about what’ll happen if anything happens to me out here. Game over! You don’t gotta worry ‘bout me. I’ll be careful. ;3


A small part of Vanellope wished the Kit mun would come check on her. How cool would it have been for her to actually meet a living, breathing mun? Pretty cool, at least in Vanellope’s mind. Alas and alack, Vanellope knew it wouldn’t be possible to do such a thing. She’d just have to make due without that potential meeting.]

"Hmmm…" Kit shrugged "I don’t know.." She placed her hand on her chin and looked at the sky as she thought.. "..Oh! How about we explore around Sugar Rush a bit? You’ve never been here so wouldn’t it be neat to explore some at least?"


{{——-New message——- 

To: littlelostglitch

Vanellope I swear to the programmers that if something happens, I will freakin get my kart and find you and hit you with a flippin fish or somethin of the sort for making me have to get out of my bed to help you with whatever you did.


[ Kittenmun sat back in her chair after she sent the message.. She couldn’t help but still worry about the girl. She may say that she’ll be careful but she still might mange to get herself in some sort of trouble..]

~Hear No Evil~ ((Closed RP with theclumsyneko))


When people spoke, the words their voices formed dictated nearly every aspect of their lives.

After all, speaking was the most common form of communication throughout the world. Happy words, sad words, angry words, and nonsensical words. Sentences, screams, chats. There was laughter, snarls, growls, purrs, and chirps.

Hearing the world work was s wonderful thing. Certainly one Axe had taken for granted. Now hear she sat, head tucked to her arms, unable to hear even the slightest whisper of a word. A laugh. A cry. Because of her encounter with the Anon, she was now deafened for three days.

It seemed to be a short time, but was already edging to an eternity in the brunette’s mind. She knew how happy these situations placed upon her made her Mun, but sometimes…

She grit her teeth and tugged haphazardly on her hair. Sometimes she wanted to scream. But even now that would do no good, as she’d ne unable to hear it.

The characters treading through the GCS were most likely making a cacophony of sounds. And this was the one time Axe wished most she could hear it all. The insults thrown in brawls, the greetings and goodbyes exchanged, the dinging of the electronic clock. She wondered just how she was to get through her game in this state, deafened and unable to hear the alert system of approaching gamers. Hoping her words came through clearly, she forced herself to speak, “What do I…”, but found she couldn’t finish the sentence. An absent voice proved too much difficulty.

She wanted to get back to her game. Axe leaned up, just in time to see the familiar brunette hair of her feline-humanoid friend mixed into the GCS crowd.


Kitten nervously made her way through the crowd in GCS. She bit her lip as she tried her best not to get too close to anyone and stared down to the floor. When she glanced up and saw a familer face she grinned and readjusted her bag. With a extra hop in her step she made her way through the crowd and stood in front of Axe. “Hello, Axey!” She smiled at the brunette

theclumsyneko is here with the Doctor.


The Doctor smiles at her. He always like meet new creatures.

She grinned “It’s nice to meet you too! So how’d you get here Doctor? Where are your from?” ” She tilted her head to the side a bit as she asked